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I have been a teacher for 08 years. I became comfortable with this role when I realized that students really want their instructors to succeed. Students want their professors to be engaging, humorous, wise, and informative. They will do everything within their power to draw these qualities out of us if given some indication that these qualities are there to be tapped. My approach to teaching is to spend a good deal of effort prior to class in preparation and then to attend to the students very carefully to determine what they want and need to hear at any point in the lecture.Student questions and facial expressions inform me about what issues to delve into in more depth, what examples to give, and what stories to tell. I attend to faces very carefully. I tell a lot of stories. 

Students often tell me that they talk to their friends about what they learned in class. This is always gratifying to hear. I am sure that their own understanding of the topic deepened through the telling. Mine always does. 

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Howard Muzaffarnagar has been helping People with its Spoken English Courses to learn English since 2001. Our Institute beings You English spoken classes and Personality development classes making You speak English Fluently and confidently.
Our Institute is committed to give you a great and different English learning experience with ensured results. Whether You wish to start speaking English as a beginner or you are a student, executive, house wife. we have right course for you, making you speak fluent English with natural accent guaranteed.  

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